Net Worth

Net Worth: What it is and Why it’s Important.

How do you measure your financial health?  For many Americans, credit score is considered the measure of financial health.  While credit score is important, it isn’t the sole indicator of financial success.  Instead of credit score, I recommend net worth as an appropriate measure of financial health. Net Worth Simplistically defined, net worth is the […]... Read More
Best Books

The Best Books for Money Mastery and Prosperity

Is it a coincidence that you found this website about money? When God Winks at You:  How God Speaks Directly to You Through the Power of Coincidence by:  Squire Rushnell Mindset-Not sure where to start?  Start with your mindset about money Think and Grow Rich by:  Napoleon Hill The Secret by:  Rhonda Byrne The Power […]... Read More
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Learn How to Master Your Money and Achieve Prosperity

 Learn To master anything you have to learn and apply what you’ve learned.  Practice.  Keep trying.  The more you learn and practice, the more you’ll know.  As your knowledge on a subject increases, so will your confidence, which leads to success.  Ready to learn how to master your money? Managing your money can be challenging […]... Read More